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Human Rights

Human Rights Program

Our Goal

The Carter Center undertakes activities to support individuals and nations striving to realize the civil and political rights and responsibilities enumerated by the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights and a growing body of public international law.

Supporting Human Rights Defenders

Courageous and effective activists for the rights of others often face great risks in countries where basic human rights are still ignored. These unsung heroes from countries worldwide gather at the Human Rights Defenders Policy Forum at The Carter Center to address national and global issues

Mobilizing Faith for Women and Girls Initiative

Recognizing the powerful influence of religious leaders around the world, the Mobilizing Faith for Women and Girls Initiative focuses on the policies and practices of the world's religious institutions and traditional and customary belief systems, with the objective of achieving more equitable treatment for women and girls. Many harmful practices are perpetuated because of discriminatory interpretations of religious texts and teachings. The initiative creates opportunities to advance justice-based interpretations of such texts and to develop curricula and training materials that underscore human rights and gender equality for use by religious and traditional leaders. To learn more, visit the Forum on Women, Religion, Violence & Power.